terça-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2009

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

"Juan Antonio: Maria Elena used to say that only unfulfilled love can be romantic."

There are a few films in my life that gives me an indescribable inspiration, and Vicky Cristina Barcelona is definitely one of them. Seriously, if you still haven't watched it, got for it right now!

When I first saw the trailer for the movie, I was like "hmm that seems like a nice film" but i honeslty didn't think I would fall in love with it like I did. I'm not a very good fan of Woody Allen's work, to be honest, most of his films I didn't even enjoy so much, but this one is amazing. Everything about it is awesome: the soundtrack, the photography, the actors, the places... everything.

Totally worth watching.

I don't even have to say I love Scarlett Johansson, not to mention my ginourmous crush on Penélope Cruz, they were the main reason I was interested in the film in the first place, but now I understand that they are the key for such great script. They embraced their characters and made them so realistic. I bow to those actresses, they are beyond beauty. Pure talent.

2 comentários:

  1. não queria assistir justamente pela penelope e pela scarlett... hahaha! woody allen tb não me apetece, mas tão falando tanto que quero ver.

  2. I also wrote a post about this film and we have the same mind! I also was very inspired of the movie it gave me an undescribable feeling just a perfect film!